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Discovering Life with a Rare Disorder

By Reine Hodroj

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In the Grips of a Rare Disorder

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The Person Behind Being Rare

I'm Reine Hodroj, and my journey with Behcet's has been a tough but transformative ride. Since my diagnosis, I've faced the challenges head-on, seeking top-notch medical care, educating myself about the disease, and building a strong support network. Managing symptoms and adapting to a life altered by Behcet's hasn't been easy, but I'm determined not to let it define me. I've found joy and purpose amidst adversity, embodying resilience and inspiring others facing chronic illnesses to forge ahead with hope and courage.

“When you have a rare disease, you face two battles. One being the illness itself, and the other, living in a world where so few people understand what you're up against.”

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